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Factors that Influence Your Home Air Conditioner’s Lifespan

The standard AC's expected lifespan from any manufacturer is typically a decade or less. It's highly likely, however, that your AC may not last that long enough. In turn, you might end up getting less-than-ideal comfort and efficiency during its time of use than an effective AC due to several factors.

You can know when your AC lifespan is almost coming to an end usually characterized by high energy consumptions, a lot of noises coming from the AC and very high humidity level. So, how do you know what will affect your AC lifespan? Below are some pointers.

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Timely AC Maintenance

The most obvious factor that will affect the lifespan of your AC unit is how often you will schedule maintenance and repairs. Of course, most of it can be done by yourself, including removing debris around the AC unit, and removing accumulated dirt around the coils. Also, you can mix bleach and water down the drains to flush the line. If you face any difficulty with regards to self-maintenance, we recommend signing up to a yearly maintenance contractor.

Frequency of AC Use

A unit that has is constantly running, tends to be a victim of wear and tear over a short period of time, further shortening its lifespan. Frequent cleaning, filter adjustments, programmable thermostats, and regular maintenance allow efficient operation of your air conditioner systems. This preventive measure ensures that you have less work to keep the machine clean and cooled, which reduces the pace in which the unit will operate.

Yearly Maintenance Contractor UAE

Routine Change of the Filters

Another way in which you can achieve longevity of your AC unit, is regularly changing its filter. Over time, with regular use, the filter gets clogged with the dust, further putting additional strain on the unit. Due to this the efficiency of the AC is reduced by a significant amount. It is recommended to at least clean your filters monthly or replace them every three months. Consequently, with such a level of care, your unit will be efficient which translates to improved longevity of your AC system.

Quality Installation

Your AC unit should be installed by a reliable HVAC technician, who has the experience of efficiently placing the AC in your home or office. For suggestion on qualified technicians in Dubai, you can try Awal Experts Regular annual maintenance by the very professional will extend your unit’s lifespan. Although it may cost you a little money to maintain, note that an efficient ac system will help you save on your energy bills, and provide you with quality years of service.