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Inverter Generators

generator suppliers in UAE by technopowergroup

Mainstream generators have been around for a long time, which is probably why they are as popular as they are. Apart from easy to learn operation, they provide a convenient source of power for emergency needs, and in most cases, are quite budget friendly.

But a new breed is now entering the market, and owing to several factors that give it the edge, is gaining more and more popularity, especially because of the potential to save on fuel.

Inverter Generators, sometimes inaccurately referred to as inverters of generators, are a new technology, which entered the market only around a decade ago. They provide many advantages over normal generators, not only in terms of, as aforementioned, budget and technology, but also running costs in terms of lower fuel expense. These can be obtained through generator suppliers in UAE by technopowergroup.

Inverter Generator Benefits

One of the factors that sets inverter generators apart is the use of high-end technology ad manufacturing methods. The quality of parts helps the inverter generator ensure that the electricity being generated is very stable and reliable, in the sense that it is the closest generator obtained power to the electricity coming from the national grid.

Inverter GeneratorsAnother advantage that perhaps stands out the most when inverter generators and mainstream generators go head to head, is the very low sound. The defining feature of the way an inverter generator works is that it has the ability to vary and control the output levels, which means it produces only as much power as is required by the house or user. In comparison, mainstream generators run on a stable output level. Since the inverter generator works only as hard as it needs to, it is substantially quieter than the mainstream models.

Further, mainstream generators do not have a covering structure to block or reduce the sound, while inverter generators make use of a sound reduction enclosure to make the device quieter.

As explained before, since the inverter is not running as full speed so to speak, the reduced power generation to correspond with power demand leads to substantial savings on fuel. Some of the technologies, mostly seen I the most reliable and advanced models, can accumulate fuel savings of over 30%. In addition, they also make use of sophisticated mechanisms to cut down on the harmful generator exhaust gas.

Inverter generators can also be used in tandem with another device. This means two different devices can be hooked up to the power system of the house to generate more power. This is usually not possible with the mainstream models.