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Things to Know Before Buying Car Tires in Dubai

Before making a purchase of car tyres Dubai, inspect the tires yourself and check for the obvious signs of wear and tear. The signs that you require a new set of tires could be - presence of one or multiple flat tires, visible signs that the tire is falling apart, or wearing out of treads. Tires should ideally be replaced at regular intervals, depending on usage and roads driven upon, to ensure safety and to prevent any unforeseeable accidents. When new car tires are needed, Kumho Tires in Dubai are the best option.

Choose the Most Suitable Tire

First and foremost, determine the right dimensions of the tire for your car. Tire information is usually found mentioned in a little sign on the driver side door. Tires can range from simple regular use tires to high performance tires, up to ultra-high-performance tires.

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Summer Tires

Tires are generally classed based on car, usage style, and terrain. Summer tires are the best option in areas where the roads can be alternatively dry and wet. They are also the best for high performance cars, due to the enhanced traction, the ability to handle high speeds, and because it can handle breaking at higher speeds better than most other tires. 

All-Season Tires

All-season tires are the best bet if it is always either raining, or snowing, or alternatively even hot and dry. These tires are a little lower on performance, but they are durable and are more versatile. These are the most suitable tires for places like Dubai. 

Winter Tires

Winter tires are only required in areas that have constant snowfall and the roads are frosty and slippery. The high-performance tires offer superior control and tractability making them the most ideal for use in fast cars.

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Tread Life

Another factor that should be taken into consideration when choosing a tire is, the tread life. Tread life indicates how durable a tire is, and thereby also determines stability. Checking the ratings of the stability, durability, and speed of the tires is paramount, as this will ensure the safety of travel in a country like Dubai, which has high speed limits. Speeds at which even the smallest of errors or defects can have catastrophic consequences. 

Factors to Consider When Buying New Tires

  • Buying original equipment (OE), or a new brand. Unless looking for something specific, following plenty of research, most experts recommend buying tires similar to the ones that came with the car. Especially if the car handled well and drove smoothly when bought. This is because manufacturers generally put in a respectable amount of thought and research into choosing the right tires for a car, and most often they make the right choice. 
  • Tire size should be the same as that mentioned on the placard at the driver’s side door. The recommended tire dimensions are generally the safest and the most optimal. 
  • Comfort of the drive and proper handling are important factors to consider when choosing tires. Experts recommend considering the following when buying new tires - correct size, optimal control, braking, and handling, and finally comfort and minimal noise against the road. OE is usually the safest option.
  • All-season, summer, or winter tires? This depends on the geography, type of car, usage, type of roads, and the speed at which the car will be driven.
  • Deciding when the tread is too worn out. This is easily determined by self-inspection of the tire treads. If the tread depth on a normal set of tires is down to a few centimeters, it is high time to get a new set.