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What You Need Know While Driving in Dubai with Your Rental Car

Driving in a foreign country can be nothing short of nerve-wracking: you do not know the routes, there is tons of traffic and you are probably driving on the wrong side of the road from what you are used to. We recommend having a read over some useful things you should know about when driving in Dubai to mentally prepare yourself for your vacation. Cheap car hire Dubai is how most tourists prefer to get around. Cheap rent a car Dubai weekly options weekly are a good option when you visit Dubai on holiday.

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Keep Your Phone out of Sight

Traffic can become highly congested in Dubai and travelling in the city can take well over an hour. You might be tempted to pick up your phone and post a selfie on Facebook about the traffic in Dubai, but we recommend resisting the urge. If caught on your phone by law enforcement, you will be liable to pay a fine of 800 AED. So rather sing along to the radio or get an audiobook to listen to while on your travels.

Things That Go ‘Bump’ in Dubai

Similarly, to every country in the world, unfortunately, people do not have much consideration for other possessions; which means that your rental could wind up with some dings, knocks, scratches or bumps. This commonly happens in parking lots so if you have to visit the mall, rather park in spaces that are not as busy and push your side mirrors in. After all, any damages to the rental are liable for you to pay.

Keep Your Hands to Yourself

Back in your home country, you might be used to giving unruly drivers the good old finger to express your dissatisfaction with their behavior. But these hand gestures are not only frowned upon in the UAE, but they are also punishable by fines and/or prison time! The same goes for swearing! So, no matter how poorly another driver is driving rather keep your hands to yourself and count to ten instead.

Never Drink and Drive

Never Drink and Drive

Dubai has some amazing restaurants, clubs and lounges that you can visit for a good time but if you are driving we suggest getting a taxi or Uber back to the hotel. Not only is drinking and driving illegal all over the world, but it also poses a threat to your own life and those around you. If caught driving while intoxicated you can be liable to pay a maximum fine of 20,000 AED, appear in front of a court, have your vehicle confiscated and receive a jail sentence. Just call an Uber!

Understand the Signals

In Dubai, if you see a vehicle flashing their headlights in your rearview mirror, it is not a polite gesture. This is normally a signal of frustration and you can expect the driver will be speeding past you in no time. To avoid impatient drivers, stay out of the fast lane and check the rearview mirror constantly to make sure that the next ‘racing driver’ is not coming up behind you.